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The benefits of real foods!

  • Consciously chosen ingredients: prunes, pears, pumpkin known to help with bowel function
  • 100% real food: Pureed food blend designed for people with feeding tubes with 3 g of fiber per pouch
  • Avoids added ingredients: Has no added synthetic ingredients, sugar**, or salt*

*not a sodium free food

**not a low calorie food

Plus, the simplicity you need

  • Saves time: Ready-to-feed with no blending required
  • Easy to add: Small volume (4 oz) and 100 calories per pouch
  • Fits your current routine: Works with bolus, pump or gravity feeding
  • Travels easily: Shelf-stable pouches are ideal for school, work, and out-of-town trips

Real Food Blends Mini is not just a smaller version of Real Food Blends meals. It’s really designed to be a snack for people struggling with things like bowel irregularities Featuring prunes, pears, pumpkin and flax seed oil could really help with that.

Tony, A.J. & Julie Bombacino, Founders of Real Food Blends

How to use Real Food Blends Mini:

  • We suggest 1-3 pouches per day, depending on your nutritional needs.
    As always, extra hydration is recommended when increasing fiber.

  • Real Food Blends Mini can be used in addition to your current tube feeding routine. Real Food Blends Mini is a snack addition.

  • Real Food Blends Mini can be used with bolus, pump or gravity feeding (12 FR feeding tube or larger).

How to start Real Food Blends Mini:

  • Consider starting with a half a pouch and gradually increase by half of a pouch daily as tolerated, until individual goal is reached.

Speak to your medical team before making any changes to your diet.


What are the ingredients in Real Food Blends Mini?

Real Food Blends Mini is made of 5 real ingredients, that’s it! Prune puree, pear puree, pumpkin puree, water and flaxseed oil. No added sugar, salt (not a sodium free food), vitamins or minerals.

How do I get Real Food Blends Mini?

You can buy Real Food Blends Mini from or You can also ask your tube feeding formula provider (e.g., your DME). It comes in a case of 12 pouches (4 oz each).

Is Real Food Blends Mini reimbursed?

Yes, Real Food Blends Mini and our meals are covered by many insurance plans (HPCS code B4149). For latest information and support contact Nutricia Navigator. Visit for more information.

Why is Real Food Blends Mini thicker than my standard tube feeding formula?

Real Food Blends Mini is made of 100% real food, so they are intentionally thicker than a standard formula. Real Food Blends Mini can be used with bolus, pump or gravity feeding (12FR feeding tubes or larger).

I have more questions about Real Food Blends Mini, what should I do?

You can reach out to our nutrition specialists. be here to help you. Call us at 800-365-7354 (Monday 8:00 AM ET to 6:00 PM ET) or e-mail us at

I have questions about my diet, what should I do?

We suggest reaching out to your medical team.